DHW Series

The Darkhorse wedge nose trailer is our biggest seller, and for good reason! Good looks, quality materials, expert craftsmanship, a 3-year warranty, and your choice of options make this a very versatile trailer that is built to last.

Get the options you need, and you’ll fully enjoy this trailer for years to come.

New! — DHW 6.5 Wide
Our new 6.5′ wide DHW is sized “just right” to haul a 4 person ATV, or a couple of snowmobiles, not to mention quite a bit of regular cargo.

With the 12″ of extra height option, you can easily fit a side-by-side ATV with ease!
You can fit up to two snowmobiles. No shoe horn required!
DHW 6.5′ Wide. RV Style side doors are much less susceptible to leaks!
Note: This trailer is shown with 12″ of extra height.
The LED lights have a lifetime warranty!
Backup lights are also standard on all models built on February 3rd or later.
Note: This trailer is shown with 12″ of extra height.
Lots of room for toys or cargo (if absolutely necessary)

Effective 2/3/2020 All trailers will be built with our “No Hassle” breakaway switch.

Make YOUR life easier!

NEW! — DHW Car Hauler Trailer Gallery
Looking for a low cost, great looking car hauler? Then look no further. Check out this great looking red and black car hauler that will fill the bill.

NEW! — DHW Combo Trailer Galleries
Check out the latest photos on our wedge nose “Combo Trailer”. With a jump door on the side and D-Rings inside, it’s a very versatile trailer.
You can haul your car, ATV, motorcycles, or even a snowmobile. Anything that you can strap down to the heavy-duty D-rings will work! Check it out!

DHW Features Gallery

DHW Trailer Photo Gallery
Note: The trailers shown below may have optional equipment.
Please see your dealer for more information.