DHW Series

The Darkhorse wedge nose trailer is our biggest seller, and for good reason! Good looks, quality materials, expert craftsmanship, a 3-year warranty, and your choice of options make this a very versatile trailer that is built to last.

Get the options you need, and you’ll fully enjoy this trailer for years to come.

New! — DHW 6.5 Wide
Our new 6.5′ wide DHW is sized “just right” to haul a 4 person ATV, or a couple of snowmobiles, not to mention quite a bit of regular cargo.

With the 12″ of extra height option, you can easily fit a side-by-side ATV with ease!
You can fit up to two snowmobiles. No shoe horn required!
DHW 6.5′ Wide. RV Style side doors are much less susceptible to leaks!
Note: This trailer is shown with 12″ of extra height.
The LED lights have a lifetime warranty!
Backup lights are also standard on all models built on February 3rd or later.
Note: This trailer is shown with 12″ of extra height.
Lots of room for toys or cargo (if absolutely necessary)

Effective 2/3/2020 All trailers will be built with our “No Hassle” breakaway switch.

Make YOUR life easier!

NEW! — DHW Car Hauler Trailer Gallery
Looking for a low cost, great looking car hauler? Then look no further. Check out this great looking red and black car hauler that will fill the bill.

DHW Features Gallery

DHW Trailer Photo Gallery
Note: The trailers shown below may have optional equipment.
Please see your dealer for more information.